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Real Audio, this sound will blow you away!

If you love music don't you want a great sounding audio system? Here's one.

Custom built Ale system with Brooks bass and midrange horns
Kevin Brooks

Put that silly iPod away--this time it's the real deal--extreme hi-fi by and for fanatics. Chances are you've never heard a truly great sounding audio system, so it'll be hard to imagine living with sound that can take you to another place. The very best systems can summon up hot blooded performances of your favorite artists. It's music in the foreground, upfront and real--sure, your $29 plastic computer speakers can play tunes, but without a hint of passion, totally devoid of human spirit. It's merely music as background noise, a drone to fill in the spaces in your life.

Kevin's turntable Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks is a hard-core audiophile, the man is serious about his sound. But in the context of what people obsess about, it doesn't seem all that whacked out to me. You know, some guys blow wads of cash on 1950s baseball cards, clothes, or just to get good and drunk every weekend, Kevin is into hi-fi. Stuff you civilians have never heard of. He offers a line of custom solid African Mahogany horns. This is the sort of artisan audio that formed the foundation of the American high-end audio business in the 1970s and still continues today. It's all about the passion for sound and music. There's something going on, but you don't know what it is. If you want to get more out of your music, check out high-end audio.

A pair of Kevin's horns Kevin Brooks
A pair of gigantic bass horns that stick out of a house! Kevin Brooks