PURE PocketDAB 1500: Digital sounds for your trousers

This portable DAB radio is light as a feather, easy to use and comes with rechargeable batteries. An excellent choice for your handbag or manbag

Michael Parsons
2 min read

Crave enjoys carrying excessive amounts of technology with us at all times. Once you've got your mobile phone, handheld organiser, laptop, portable video player, PSP, sat-nav system and wireless headphones stowed in your hefty handbag or manbag, it's good to know that you can get a lightweight portable DAB radio.

If you've not yet got one, you may want to look at the latest offering from PURE -- the PocketDAB 1500. This player offers access to as many as 55 DAB stations (depending on what's available in your location) and sports a built-in FM reciever. It's a slim, neat little unit finished in ninja black with sharp silver detailing.

It's straightforward to use: Crave just powered it up, and the player quickly found plenty of DAB stations. The rocker switch provides a volume control when you push it up and down, and toggles between channels when you move it from side to side. The small grey LCD scrolls the usual DAB information, such as track titles, artists' names and sports updates. In a quick initial test the audio seemed bright and clear.

The PocketDAB 1500 is the lightest pocket DAB from PURE, weighing in at 123g, although this is still heavier than some of the other players out there, such as the Philips DA1000 and the Sony XDR-M1. Unlike some other units it comes with a rechargeable battery, which the company claims provides 24 hours of DABby sound goodness. We also liked the in-ear headphones from Sennheiser, which were a cut above the nasty plastic widgets that are often bundled with audio devices.

The PURE PocketDAB 1500 will set you back £89.99. Expect a full review soon, and in the meantime check out our reviews of its siblings (DABlings?), the PURE PocketDAB 2000 and the PURE PocketDAB 1000. -MP

Update: a full review of the PURE Digital PocketDAB 1500 is now live.