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Poll: Your first music system

Tell us about your first hi-fi or music system. Did it change the way you felt about your favorite music?

My first hi-fi speakers looked a lot like this.

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Music memories
My first music system was...

An iPod/MP3 player
A Walkman cassette player
A stereo system with a turntable or CD player
I never owned a music player

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I bought my first hi-fi with money I made working at a supermarket when I was 16 years old.

The system had a Garrard turntable, XAM amplifier, and XAM speakers. The system cost $106 in 1965, that would be more like $600 to $700 in 2009 dollars.

Man, that little system ruled! My records came to life like never before. A month or two after I bought the system I accidentally crushed the "needle," so I bought a better phono cartridge and my records sounded even better. I became an audiophile! It didn't take long before I had the best stereo of all my friends, and they brought their new LPs over to my house to check it out.

What was your first music system like? Vote in the poll.