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Poll: When will the CD die?

The CD has been around for nearly 30 years, but is it on its way out?

Steve Guttenberg

The CD is fast approaching its 30th anniversary, and it's looking a bit tired. Funny, the LP is more than twice as old and its resurgence is ongoing. Not just among oldsters playing records they bought decades ago; a fair percentage of young bands are releasing new vinyl pressings.

CD box sets and remastered CDs, like the Beatles catalog that came out in 2009, still sell in big numbers. I remember when the CD was introduced, the media predicted the LP would be gone in just a few years. Now it's starting to look like the LP will outlast the CD. SACD, DVD-Audio, and Blu-ray music formats don't seem to be going anywhere, so it may come down to LPs and downloads. We'll see.

What do you think: how long will the CD, the original uncompressed, lossless digital consumer format be around? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the Comments section.