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Photos: Hands-on with the Onkyo T-4555

We get down and dirty with Onkyo's brand new DAB/FM receiver. It's beautiful to look at, but is it going to be worth the £300 Onkyo is flogging it for?

Let's finish our Cravetasitc week with something special for you radio audiophiles -- our favourite 'philes, we might add. We've got hold of the Onkyo T-4555 DAB/FM tuner and our first impressions are extremely positive. The solid construction is just what you'd expect from a £300+ separate -- the brushed-aluminium front panel boasts some sturdy metal buttons and a stylish dot-matrix display.

The receiver itself will tap into DAB, FM and AM stations with exceptional quality. During a quick test upon receiving the system we were unable to snag a DAB signal (we'll try harder for the full review, promise). However, some strong FM signals were available and sounded beautifully clear through Denon's CX3 hi-fi, coupled with Denon CX303 speakers. We're eager to dive deep into testing next week, the results of which you'll find in our full review.

Around the back of the T-4555 we find DAB, FM and AM antenna sockets, gold-plated stereo output plugs, 12V trigger sockets for better functionality with other separates, Onkyo 'Remote Interactive' jacks, an infrared controller connector and an RS-232 data port. These connectivity options are the trademark of high-end audio systems and ensures top functionality with your other audio equipment.

The Onkyo T-4555 is on sale now for a little over £300. Be sure to check back soon for our full review and performance breakdown. Click through for more photos.

Update: A full review is now available on the site. -Nate Lanxon

The brushed-aluminium finish is beautiful and the metal buttons add extra style.

Plenty of connectors to the rear will add extra functionality to your setup.