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NYC high-end audio store parties like it's 1999

Recession? What recession? New York City high-end retailer Stereo Exchange celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend.

McIntosh Labs president Charlie Randall and some of his favorite things. Steve Guttenberg
Totem Acoustic's Vince Bruzzese with one of his latest creations. Steve Guttenberg

Recession? What recession? New York City's venerable fixture of high-end audio and video, Stereo Exchange, celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend. It's running a sale through Sunday, November 8 with substantial discounts on select products from several manufacturers. The opening night party on Thursday was jam-packed and there were no shortage of customers!

For the opening night party, many of the participating companies were demonstrating their wares. Featured products on display include: Panasonic's new 85-inch plasma HDTV; NAD's new M2 Direct Digital Amplifier; McIntosh Labs' MEN220 Room Correction System; and Grado's PS 1000 headphones, which I just reviewed for CNET.

Stereo Exchange also sells Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Arcam, Audio Research, Ayre, B&W, Crestron, Furman, Integra, JA Michel, Kaleidescape, Marantz, Meridian, Peachtree Audio, REL, Rotel, Sonus Faber, Totem Acoustic, Transparent Cable, and Wadia. Stereo systems at Stereo Exchange start about $1,000.

For more information on Stereo Exchange, visit its Web site.

The best sounding room at Stereo Exchange featured Vienna Acoustics speakers and Ayre electronics. Steve Guttenberg