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New Chromecast streamer with Google Assistant remote appears in leak

The new streamer is expected to launch alongside new Pixel devices at a virtual event Sept. 30.

Google's Chromecast streamer is expected to get a big update Sept. 30.

For months, we've been hearing rumors that a new Google Chromecast streamer was in the works. Code-named Sabrina, the device was reportedly being built around a revised and full-fledged Android TV interface, with a debut planned for fall.

Now, weeks ahead of the Sept. 30 virtual event where we expect it to debut, a new leak posted on the German website WinFuture offers a potential glimpse at the device. And hey, it comes with a remote!

That remote would be a first for the Chromecast family, which has long relayed playback controls for music and streaming media directly to your phone. Along with dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix, the remote also appears to include a button for summoning the Google Assistant, so it's a fair assumption that the gizmo includes built-in microphones.

Apart from the addition of a remote, the streamer doesn't look like too radical a departure from previous Chromecast models, all of which are designed to plug into an HDMI port on the back of your TV.

We'll almost certainly know a lot more about it on Sept. 30, when Google seems primed to roll it out alongside new Pixel devices at a virtual event. Stay tuned.