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Music Monday: Killer deals on headphones, turntables

From the Cheapskate: Get ready for two extremely sweet deals on old-school analog audio gear. Plus a free year of RoboForm Everywhere!

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Ion Audio

Are you an audiophile? You've come to the right deal-place.

Owing to some unexpected alignment between the stars, today I've got two seriously good deals on analog audio equipment -- the kind prized by purists.

First up: Today only, and while supplies last, has the Ion Audio Vinyl Motion Portable Suitcase Turntable for $38, plus $5 for shipping. It lists for $100 and sells for at least $79 on Amazon, though prices may vary depending on color.

Available in four colors, this player can spin at three speeds, meaning it's suitable for LPs, 45s and even 78s. (Anyone under the age of 40 probably has no idea what any of that means -- unless you're one of those Millennials who has embraced vinyl.)

Two especially cool things: It has built-in speakers, meaning you can take your record collection over to a friend's house after school and rock out to the new Foreigner album. (No? Was that just me?) It even has a rechargeable battery for truly mobile listening. No, I wouldn't recommend taking this to the beach, but freedom from AC outlets is always a good thing.

Second, the turntable can "rip" your records to MP3 thanks to the software that comes packaged with it. Just plug it into your PC (USB cable also included) and bring your vinyl into the modern era. I'm loving this at $38.


Next up: Audiophiles will always choose corded headphones over Bluetooth, because the latter's use of compression results in poorer audio fidelity. How much poorer is subjective, but there's no question that Bluetooth listeners take a hit on sound quality.

If you concur, get this before it's gone: TechRabbit has the Jabra Revo corded headphones for $29.99 shipped when you apply coupon code CNETREVO30 at checkout. They're new, not refurbished. They sell for close to $70 at Amazon. And they went for $150(!) when they first hit the market a couple years ago.

The Revo employs an on-the-ear design, which some folks prefer to over-the-ear because they're less likely make your ears all sweaty after extended use.

I haven't tried these myself, so I'll steer you to CNET's review for all the important details. Spoiler: "One of the better on-ear headphones, the Jabra Revo combines strong sound quality with superior comfort and design." Check the Amazon reviews as well: overwhelmingly positive.

You can get these in black or white, though take note that TechRabbit's specifications suggest active noise-canceling, which I think is incorrect. Other than that: fantastic deal!

Bonus deal: Happy Change Your Password Day, everyone! I know, it comes sooner every year, right? And I got you a present: one free year of RoboForm Everywhere, valid for new users of the service. RoboForm is a password manager, form filler and more, and one of the most popular products in its class. The "Everywhere" part means it syncs your data across all your computers and devices. Normally a year runs $19.95.