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MP3 Insider 149: We still love you

Donald and Jasmine discuss the new additions to the iPhone and how these will affect iPod Touch owners as well.

Donald and Jasmine discuss the new additions to the iPhone and how these will affect iPod Touch owners as well. Also on deck: budget shopping tips for MP3 players and headphones are outlined, and Donald gives an overview of two step-by-step tutorials involving fixing a broken Touch screen and getting the most out of Pandora. Finally, we give our listeners some much-deserved attention.

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Episode 149

New for the iPod Touch

Budget shopping tips for...

MP3 players

How Tos...

Fixing a broken iPod screen
Pandora tips & tricks


So I've found myself in quite the predicament. I bought a 120Gb ipod classic last October. I was looking for a large capacity (at least 80Gb) portable music player that plays lossless files. The only players (as far as I'm aware) to fit that criteria were the ipod classic and the zune, but as I live in the UK the zune is only available via eBay at £50 more than the ipod. I went with the ipod, and discovered what an awful piece of software itunes is, also the stupid scroll wheel is just too tempermental (it seems worst in cold weather?). Needless to say I wish I forked out the extra £50 for the zune. I'm tempted to get a zune when they finally start selling them in the UK, but all of my music is tied up in itunes. What is the best way to get my music collection from itunes into WMA lossless with all the track names preserved without having to rip my entire CD collection again?

My previous two players were the iriver ihp120 and 340, great players, all you had to do to get the music on there was copy and paste the files straight across like copying files to an external hard drive. the ipod seems step backwards in evolution. Are there any players available or on the horizon that offer the logical functionality of my old iriver players but with a larger capacity? There seems to be loads of great players out there but they are all too small a capacity.


(Donald notes: Here's a round-up I made of lossless audio players)

I'm a father of 3 daughters who all have iPods and would like to explore getting their music cheaper than through iTunes. Do you have any recommendations on the best place to get music for the teenage group? Best = secure, reliable, bug and virus free and won't steal my credit card info.