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Kid-friendly headphones

CNET editors round up a selection of headphones that are made specifically for children, which includes models from Sony, Ultimate Ears, Maxell, and more.

As MP3 players become more popular, the age at which a child is introduced to them continually decreases. And finding appropriate headphones for youngsters presents a few unique challenges.

First and foremost, any responsible parent wants to ensure that any sounds being piped into their little ones' ears are coming through at safe listening levels. While it's important to consider music volume and hearing protection at any age, kids' ears are more sensitive the younger they are, which is why it's important that their headphones employ a volume limiting feature. And then there is the lesser--but still important--issue of fit, as children need smaller-size earphones.

All of the models here take both concerns into account, and a few of them even offer fun design considerations for the younger set. And perhaps best of all: none of them will break the bank, making any set a great stocking stuffer option.

Read our roundup of kid-friendly headphones.