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Jack White's triple-decker LP

White's band, the Dead Weather, releases a limited-edition three-in-one record tomorrow.

Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather) has a cool video demonstrating his "triple-decker," three-records-in-one 12-inch single, "Blue Blood Blues." You have to watch the video to see exactly how the technology works, but let's just say for now it's a 7 inch 45 rpm single glued to one side of a 12-inch single; but the 12-inch can be pried open to retrieve another 45! It's a limited to 300 edition so I'm sure it'll sell out quickly. The Triple-Decker Record is a Jack White invention; and it's assembled by United Record Pressing Nashville, TN. It goes on sale tomorrow.

Special LPs aren't new; Monty Python released a "three-sided" LP, "Matching Tie and Handkerchief" in 1973. One side of the record had two sets of concentric grooves with different programs. The other side was conventional, with just a single groove.

These kinds of things become collectable items, something I can't imagine will ever happen with downloaded music.

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