iTunes Radio passes Spotify for 3rd in streaming music

Apple's online music service has surpassed Spotify among US users and is nipping at the heels of iHeartRadio, says a survey from Edison Research.

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Lance Whitney


iTunes Radio is only six months old but it's already snagged third place among people in the US who listen to streaming music services, at least based on a recent survey.

Polling more than 2,000 people in the US, Edison Research found that 8 percent listened to iTunes Radio in the past month. That compares with 6 percent overall for Spotify and 9 percent for iHeartRadio, according to a Statista chart chewing over the survey results.

Pandora is still by far the dominant streaming music service in the US with a 31 percent share based on the survey.

Launched last September, iTunes Radio won over 20 million users by just a month later. Pandora holds more than 70 million active users in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. But it's been around in one form or another since 2000 though it officially debuted in 2005.

Of course, listening to an online music service is not a case of choosing one exclusively over the others. Many people undoubtedly listen to multiple services at different times. But Apple already has a built-in audience of more than 600 million iTunes users based on data from 2013, so iTunes Radio still has a lot more room to grow.

Conducted in January and February of this year, the survey culled responses from 2,023 people aged 12 and older in the US.

(Via Fortune)