Iron Maiden and Onkyo run to the hills with new Ed-phones

Heavy metal troopers Iron Maiden collaborate with Onkyo for Maiden Audio at CES 2015.

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Richard Trenholm

Iron Maiden

Bring your audio to the slaughter: veteran rockers Iron Maiden are turning their demonic attention to the headphone game in collaboration with Onkyo. Ah, the AV that men do...

Iron Maiden was conjured from the darkness on Christmas day 1975 in the East End of London and have since chalked up 2,000 live shows, 37 albums, more than 85 million record sales and five drummers. For Maiden Audio, the band has teamed up with Onkyo, the Japanese manufacturer of home cinema and audience equipment founded in 1946.


The band's metal mascot Eddie is pictured above wearing a pair of Iron Maiden headphones at CES, the annual technology trade show currently underway in Las Vegas. The band are said to be closely involved with Onkyo in the creation of Maiden Audio products, and more will be revealed later this year, around February or March.

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Other Maiden merch includes football shirts and Trooper ale, which I can confirm is lovely -- er, I mean brutal. Metaaaal!

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