iPod offers divine intervention for e-books

Freeware Bible reader for digital device is gaining fans. Also: Posh hotels are tuning in the iPod. Photo: Preloaded iPod in your next hotel room?

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A Bible reader for the iPod is making waves. Meanwhile, a rating system automatically gives top scores to Macs and iPods, and a longtime Mac developer looks to Windows.

Playing God: BiblePlayer for iPod catches on

A freeware Bible reader is gaining fans--and proving again that Apple's iPod could be a saving grace for e-books.
Photo: BiblePlayer meets iPod
November 5, 2004

Apple store takes reviews--but not of its own stuff

Apple will brook no criticism of its offerings on its new product review page--but praise and pan other makers' stuff all you like.
November 4, 2004

At posh hotels, iPod a high-tech mint on the pillow

Apple's digital music player becomes the latest amenity at swank hotels, and ups its status as a pop-culture icon.
Photo: Preloaded iPod in your next hotel room?
November 4, 2004

Mac developer looks to Windows to escape Tiger

With Apple planning to offer similar features in its next version of OS X, programmer Arlo Rose moves Konfabulator to Windows.
November 4, 2004

Apple blocks music sales to older iTunes

The Mac maker is forcing customers using earlier versions to upgrade to the latest iTunes if they want to purchase music.
November 3, 2004

Apple disables iTunes plug-in

Company disables program that let consumers copy songs from an iPod to music library, something Apple has not supported.
November 2, 2004

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iPod gets the picture

photos Apple's music player now has a color screen--and displays photos. Also: U2 edition comes in basic black.
October 26, 2004