Google discontinues its Chromecast Audio device

The company will reportedly focus on its smart speaker lineup instead.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

Google released the Chromecast Audio as a way to stream music to a speaker that doesn't have a WiFi connection.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google is no longer making the Chromecast Audio. Google has confirmed the news to CNET, following a report by Variety. A Google spokesperson told CNET the following:

"Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio. We have therefore stopped manufacturing our Chromecast Audio products. We will continue to offer assistance for Chromecast Audio devices, so users can continue to enjoy their music, podcasts and more."

The Chromecast Audio is a dongle that you can plug into to your speaker to add Wi-Fi connection and the ability to stream audio -- essentially turning your non-connected speaker into a "smart" speaker. It looks and works a lot like the standard Google Chromecast, except it connects via auxiliary cord instead of HDMI and only streams audio.

The device was first announced in 2015. Since then, Google has released various smart speakers including the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Home Hub.

You can currently buy the Chromecast Audio from Google's website for $15 (or £30/AU$59). But since the device is discontinued, it may be gone for good once stock runs out.