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Google Chromecast is back on Amazon, a year after it was promised

The streaming devices were initially dropped by the e-commerce giant back in 2015.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

Amazon shoppers can once again buy Google's Chromecast media streaming devices direct from the online retailer. 

Listing pages for the Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra appeared a year ago, after the products were removed from Amazon in late 2015. The devices were never available for purchase, however, until now. 

Google's Chromecasts compete with Amazon's own Fire TV line of streaming devices and initially Amazon claimed it removed Chromecast from its catalog to "avoid customer confusion" by selling streamers that weren't fully compatible with Amazon's Prime Video service. In response, Google removed YouTube from Amazon's devices. 

Apple's Apple TV streaming boxes were removed from Amazon for the same reason in 2015, but returned last year when a Prime Video app was released. Chromecasts are still not fully compatible with Amazon's Prime Video app, but the service can be casted directly from Google's Chrome browser. 

Google and Amazon representatives had no comment on the return beyond confirming the devices are available for purchase on Amazon. 

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