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Get two pair of ShareMe Bluetooth headphones for $56.98

From the Cheapskate: That's $23 off the regular price for these 'phones, which will let two people listen to the same thing at once. Don't worry, you can also get a deal on one.

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One, good. Two, better.


Sorry about yesterday's Xbox debacle. I'm honestly not sure if I made a mistake or Amazon ran out of inventory or what, but if you're still hoping for an Xbox deal, there's almost certainly one just around the corner.

Today is all about sharing. See, listening to headphones is traditionally a solitary affair. It's not like you can squish another head next to yours and stretch the 'phones from one ear to the other. Though it does make for a hilarious mental image. ("Squeeze harder! I'm not hearing anything in the center!")

Wouldn't it be great if two people wearing two sets of headphones could listen to the same music, movie or whatever? I'm not talking about using an old-fangled audio splitter, either -- I'm talking wireless.

Asked and answered: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Xfire has the Mixcder ShareMe Bluetooth headphones for $29.99. That's after applying coupon code ILTKHGEB at checkout. And if you add a second set, in either of the two color options, your price drops to $56.98. These normally sell for $40 each.

In case the name didn't give it away, the ShareMe headphones were designed for, well, sharing. After pairing one set to your phone, tablet or PC, you pair the other set to the first one.

That's a pretty good trick, but it's not the only one ShareMe has up its sleeve. The headphones are cushioned and comfy, though as with all over-the-ear designs, they get a little sweaty after a while. And they fold for easier storage.

There's a built-in microphone so you can make and take calls, though I find it weird to converse with cups over my ears. Double-tapping the power button will invoke Siri or Google for hands-free voice commands. Nice.

I particularly admire the battery life, which is rated at 20 hours. I can't say I listened for 20 hours, only that I haven't needed to use the charger since I first took it out of the box.

So, about the reviews: nearly 60 of them, all stellar. Grain-of-salt time: Xfire sends these headphones to select reviewers in exchange for "honest, unbiased reviews." Is there bias because the 'phones were free? That's for you to decide. Many of the reviews get very specific about likes and dislikes, while some are just short and gushy.

Personally, I found the comfort very good, the sound quality above average considering the price point, the sharing feature excellent and the battery life amazeballs. The black/red version looks really slick, but I don't like the blue/white styling one bit. Just my $0.02.

As gift items go, this is pretty sweet. One for you, one for a friend? Two for a friend, zero for you? Two for you, zero, you get the idea. Thoughts?

Bonus deal: Not everyone needs a super-big, super-powerful smartphone. For some, small and simple are more desirable. This deal is for those folks: Walmart has the Motorola Moto E 4.3-inch prepaid smartphone for $19.99, plus tax. You can pick it up in-store to avoid shipping charges.

Although the specs say the phone "will only work with Straight Talk," carriers must unlock phones, right? So in theory you could get the phone unlocked and use it with any GSM carrier. Or don't bother with a carrier at all, and just rely on Wi-Fi for everything.

Alternately, consider the Cricket Moto E for $35. It's a slightly larger model at 4.5 inches. Cricket offers less expensive plans than Straight Talk.