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Foxtel enables all four iQ2 tuners

Foxtel finally enables the last tuner on its iQ2 recorder which means you can now record two programs at once while watching a third, but it may take till December.

It's the nature of television programming, Tuesday nights are chock-a-block with good, and usually overlapping, stuff, while Wednesdays are boring. Foxtel has heard this complaint and decided to finally release a patch to open all four tuners on its iQ2 box.

iQ2 becomes iQ2 plus one (Credit: Foxtel)

This means users will be able to "tape" two simultaneous shows while watching another "live" one. Gosh.

At present only two are working which means you can only watch or record two channels at once. So, you get a whole extra channel for free!

Hang on you say, while counting on your fingers, that's only three. What happened to the fourth tuner? It's dedicated to On Demand, and according to Foxtel you can only use three tuners at once. So you can record two shows, and either watch live TV or an On Demand program.

But there's only one catch: you may have to wait until 1 December to get it. Foxtel is doing a progressive roll-out from today, but were unable to tell us who would get it first.

Also, we're awaiting the firmware version number so you can more easily check if your box has been updated. At the moment the only way you can check is to set up two recordings and then try changing the channel. We'll keep you posted…

Update: From our friends at Foxtel: "The software version numbers are displayed in three parts and it's the middle number (208) to look for, once an iQ2 subscriber has the software upgrade it will be displayed as - xx.208.xx. The automatic software upgrades are completed in a random order."