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Everything old is new again: A 1950s style vacuum tube radio for $299!

The Audiophiliac swoons over audiophile grade vacuum tube table radios.

Feel the glow!
Shenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co., Ltd

If you've had your fill of swoopy iPod speakers and yearn for the good old days check out the R601 Tube Hi-Fi FM/AM Classic Radio manufactured in China by Shenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co., Ltd. It's a modern vacuum tube amplified table radio, and a major step up from the typical cheesy retro radios you see in chain stores. You know the type, a flimsy plastic box with a crappy radio tucked inside. The R601P is the real deal.

This bad boy, all-tube radio pumps out 7 watts over its 4 inch driver, and even features an ultra cool Magic Eye signal strength tuning "meter." The radio's wood case measures 12 inches wide, 8.5 high and 7.5 deep. It weighs 15 pounds. It's not totally retro, the R601P is magnetically shielded to eliminate monitor and TV screen interference. An iPod dock isn't included, but you can hookup an iPod over the R601P's input jack. An optional subwoofer is offered.

If R601P's mono sound is a little too retro for your tastes, move on up to the R801 Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Classic Radio ($849). The radios are available in the US through Quest for Sound.

Now with stereo! Shenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co., Ltd