Elgato Wave 3 microphone is a streamer's dream

It's a little pricey, but the features specifically cater to streamers.

Ashley Esqueda Senior Video Producer
Ashley Esqueda is an award-winning video producer and on-air talent based in Los Angeles. She has been playing video games since she was 3 years old, and loves the history of television. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Jimi, son Wolfgang, and two very squirrely Italian Greyhounds.
Ashley Esqueda

Elgato has carved out a pretty significant space in livestreaming across a handful of niche product categories: capture cards and devices, lighting and its lineup of Stream Decks. Now, it's jumping into a much bigger product category with the launch of the Wave 1 and the Wave 3, a pair of microphones the company says were designed specifically for streamers. I spent some time with the more expensive model -- the Wave 3 -- and it feels like Elgato really came out swinging. You can watch my review video above. 

As I mentioned in the video, just about every microphone on the market currently isn't designed for streamers -- they're made for voiceovers, singing, podcasting and other, more niche use cases. The Wave 3 is a much-needed challenger to other midrange mics in its class and Elgato's Clipguard technology makes it an extremely appealing option for the more... excitable streamers among us. 

The Elgato Wave 1 ($130) and Wave 3 ($160) microphones are both available now on Elgato's website.

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