Earbuds with the boomiest bass

CNET editors round up earbuds that offer tons of low-end oomph. Includes bass-heavy models from Ultimate Ears, V-Moda, Radius, and more.

Jasmine France Former Editor
These Scosche earbuds might even have too much bass for some. CNET

If you're reading this, chances are you've owned at least one MP3 player in your lifetime, and anyone who has used a portable audio player knows that the earbuds that come packaged with these devices are--for the most part--far from impressive in terms of fit and sound quality. Even those who can tolerate the often thin and flat audio will readily admit that stock earbuds are severely lacking in the bass department.

In other words, find me an MP3 player owner, and I'll show you someone who's begging for boomier bass. The good news is that finding portable earphones that deliver plenty of oomph on the low end isn't terribly difficult, but to make things even easier for you, I've rounded up some earbuds in every price range that are guaranteed to answer your cry for "more cowbell!" Er, I mean bass.

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