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DirecTV Now adds DVR for all, updates iOS and Apple TV apps

The $35-per-month live TV service will bring the new interface to more devices soon.


DirecTV Now is rolling out an updated app for web browsers, iOS and Apple TV, expanding its cloud DVR program to all customers and adding and local channel streaming on-the-go.

The new interface emphasizes favorite channels as well as offering more on-demand content with up to 25,000 titles.

The DVR currently offers 20 hours of recording a month and users will have 30 days to watch recordings whether at home or via a mobile app. It will add the ability to record 100 hours with 90-day storage for an extra $10 a month this summer.

The DVRs of competitors YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue have unlimited storage included in their $40 monthly fees, while Hulu's live TV DVR offers 50 hours. The cheaper Sling TV service has a $5-per-month DVR option.

DirecTV Now, which is designed to replace traditional cable TV, starts at $35 per month for a selection of live TV channels streamed over the Internet. Currently it allows two simultaneous streams but it will soon open up a third for an extra $5 a month. By comparison, YouTube TV currently offers three streams at no extra charge while PlayStation Vue allows five devices to be used at once.

DirecTV Now's DVR has been in beta since July 2017, and this updated version is still called "beta" as well.

DirecTV says the updated interface will also be coming to Android, Fire TV and Roku in the following weeks.