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Deflating overrated superstars, starting with Eric Clapton!

It seems like a lot of stars coast on past glories forever, who's your "favorite" overrated rock star?

I don't get Eric Clapton, or how he's managed to keep his superstar status over the decades.

Yeah, I loved him in Cream, but by Blind Faith his star was fading for me. His last decent effort was Derek and the Dominos, but hey, that was in 1970! Clearly, the drugs were taking their toll.

Clapton's long ago peak

I know a million guitar players grovel at his feet, I guess because he's technically a good picker. But he's got no soul whatsoever or stage presence to speak of, and worse yet, he's boring.

He hasn't written a memorable tune in ages. Maybe he's stuck around because he's stuck around. Putting out one low-energy record after another, year after year. As a singer he's got nothing special, no range, no power, and not much blues. There's nothing inspired going on.

I saw him a few times in the '70s hoping he'd rock out a bit, but I could barely keep awake. I'm convinced he still sells concert tickets to fans who hope he'll catch fire one more time. I doubt it.

The Cream reunion back in 2005 showed some signs of life, but was a very pale imitation of the original band's glory days.

What do you think? Who's your "favorite" overrated rock star?

Maybe it's true all the greatest ones die young.