Dance more, jiggle less

Your computer is in desperate need of a vacation, so it's time to get off that lazy butt and get moving. Music is a perfect motivator when you're trying to get back into shape, which is why we've rounded up a slew of audio gear that's made for active purs

Jasmine France Former Editor

Pst! Hey you! Yes, you...the lazy bum in the desk chair. This is your computer talking, and I'm getting pretty stressed out over here. I could really use a vacation, ya know? The weather is getting warmer, the air is getting balmier, the birds are getting chirpier...and yet your waistline seems to keep expanding. How about this: turn me off, go outside, and hit the pavement. Or get yourself a nice gym membership. Heck, even go to the local pool or the beach. I don't care how you do it, but I want to see that heart rate elevated. No buts: it's good for you, and I need a break.

Tell you what, I'm even going to help get you started. After all, what good would I be if I couldn't recommend some workout-worthy tech gadgetry to get you in the mood to sweat? I'd say that a little music is just what you need to get motivated. There are plenty of MP3 players, headphones, and other fun musical toys available for just about any type of fitness imaginable. Click on through to find the right devices for you.