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Cheap and crazy-expensive audio components comingle at the New York Audio Show 2014

The Audiophiliac can't cover even a tiny percentage of the audio shows sprouting up all over the world, but when there's one in his hometown, he's on it!

Thr VPI Prime turntable Steve Guttenberg/CNET

The New York Audio Show 2014 was located at the Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge hotel this past weekend (September 26-28), and while it wasn't the biggest event of the year, it was a lot of fun. The crowds were big enough to keep the energy high, and the mix of affordable and sky's-the-limit speakers, headphones, electronics, turntables and digital gear was impressive.

There were no seismic shifts in the landscape, but the continuing boom market in turntables, music servers, headphones, and high-end speakers isn't abating. Audiophiles' insatiable cravings for LPs and high-resolution digital is still in full force, but no one mentioned Neil Young's soon-to-be-released portable Pono music player and download store.

Check out the bounty of new gear sightings at the New York Audio Show 2014.