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Car docks for the iPod--Ask the Editors

CNET editor Jasmine France answers a question about in-car charging and mounting solutions for the iPod.

Q: I need your help on this one. I am trying to decide what accessory to get for my iPhone so that I can hook it up to my car and charge it, but at the same time hold it up as a dock. Here are the four choices that I have so far:

Now I understand the last one is just a holder and that you have to buy the charger, but I want one that will hold my phone so that I can see it, but I can charge it directly as well. I don't want something that I have to stick to my windshield. Do you have any suggestions? Can you help me on this one? Have you guys done a review on things like this before?--Rob, via e-mail

A: I'm presuming that the inclusion of an FM transmitter is optional, since some of those options don't include that feature. That would make a difference in the suggestion. But if you have aux-in on your head unit, that's a better way to connect anyway.

We haven't reviewed a lot of these solutions in recent times, but in the past DLO has been the most impressive. The TransDock Classic is a good option if you need the FM transmission; if not, then check out the AuxDock, which is available for just $25 on Amazon. You could also try the TuneBase Direct from Belkin.