Binge Buddy app promises you won't miss your favorite show

Binge Buddy lets binge-watching fans track their favorite shows so they won't miss another episode of Westworld.

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Did you ever have a time when you were waiting for a favorite show to come back on Netflix and then find it was released six months ago? Then you cursed yourself for binge-watching Lost in the meantime instead? I have. 

If concerts have their own tracking apps, then why not streaming TV? Binge Buddy (iOS / Android) lets you track your favorite shows and tells you how far through each season you are.

The app lets users search for a show and/or movie to find how many seasons it has aired and where to stream the shows. They can then add it to their favorites and get notified when their show has a new episode premiering. You can't give it your Netflix login details just yet, so it could mean lots of manual entry, at least initially.

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The app was designed by binge-watching fan Kiana Thomas, who said it started as a way to track shows for the people she knew.

"I made a spreadsheet for friends and family in need of a new show to watch and where to watch them all," said Thomas, "but realized an app would be so much easier."

For myself, I am concurrently watching shows across all of the numerous services, and so an app like this is something I need to keep track of it all. What's that -- I still haven't finished Killing Eve? Huh.

Binge Buddy is available App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) for free with ads, but you can upgrade to ad-free for $1.99.