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Beautiful hi-fis from around the world

State-of-the-art audio is designed and built to the highest possible standards, and the very best gear has a sense of style.

Burmester Reference Line 808 MK5 preamplifier

I remember the first time I saw a Burmester component in a hi-fi store. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was.

Wavelength Audio Crimson digital-to-analog converter Wavelength Audio
Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood turntable Clearaudio

The Burmester pictured here is the Reference Line 808 MK5 preamplifier. Introduced in August 1980, the 808 is the fifth-generation model. The preamp's modular construction was a revolutionary design approach in 1980, and new technologies have been incorporated to maintain the 808's performance at the current state of the art.

The Wavelength Audio Crimson digital-to-analog converter is the flagship of the line, and the output section is totally tube-driven. This component, made in Cincinnati, utilizes the finest parts and design.

The Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood is a silly-sounding name for a gorgeous turntable. It features a "resonance-optimized" chassis shape, a Clearaudio-patented ceramic magnetic technology, and a platter that spins on an inverted bearing.

Focal XS 2.1 system demonstrates that France remains competitive in "multimedia," aka computer speakers. Focal is the country's largest speaker manufacturer, offering a vast range of models, all the way up to the extreme high-end stratosphere.

Focal XS 2.1 speaker system Focal

Small, high-tech speakers like the Elac 330 CE are something of a specialty of Europe's better speaker manufacturers. The 330 CE features lightweight aluminum drivers.

Zanden Audio is, in my opinion, the ultimate Japanese high-end audio company. The 2500 CD player pictured here is elegant in its simplicity of design. Established in 1980, Zanden Audio Systems products, including the digital ones, feature vacuum tube electronics.

Elac 330 CE speaker
Zanden 2500 CD player Zanden Audio