Audio-Technica sets its sights on fashionable females

Audio-Technica aims a slew of stylish, portable headphones at female listeners.

Jasmine France Former Editor

I can't help but cringe every time I get an e-mail blast referring to "special" gadgets made "just for women!" Maybe this is because I was around during a time when this meant splashing some Pepto-pink paint onto an otherwise unchanged piece of tech. Or perhaps it's more that many of these efforts are still so often misguided. Show me one woman who likes shimmery tech with an interface made of bubble writing and I'll show you another who loves matte-black gear that uses only analog knobs.

Now, I'm not accusing Audio-Technica of taking either path, as the headphones it's currently pushing at females do offer sleek, metallic designs that appeal to my eye (and I am a card-carrying member of said group). But I'm willing to bet there are plenty of men who would be plenty pleased with a shiny blue, orange, green, or gray set of earphones, especially ones with specially made loops to keep them in the ear. OK, I digress...it's Monday, and maybe I'm cranky. For an objective take based purely on specs, click on through to the gallery of Audio-Technica's latest portable headphones.

Colorful headphones from Audio-Technica

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