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Bring on the popcorn! Mubi makes its Roku debut

Art-house streaming service Mubi launches on Roku today with the classic Coen Brothers film "No Country for Old Men."

Javier Bardem ganó el Óscar a mejor actor de reparto en 'No Country for Old Men' (2007)

After nine years, art-house movie-streaming service Mubi launches on Roku today, and to celebrate it's bringing a stellar movie lineup with it.

This month, Mubi is bringing two Jackie Chan films, the classic "Project A" and its sequel, plus one of the creepiest killers of modern celluloid, "No Country for Old Men"'s Anton Chigurh.

Mubi launched on PlayStation 3 and Sony TVs back in 2010-11 and has survived despite the rise of Netflix. Unlike that service though, Mubi is curated with 30 new rotating movies each month. Mubi offers a selection of art-house and foreign-language films movies for $6 a month or $48 for 12 months. The service also offers a free 30-day trial.

Mubi is now also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TVs.