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Another groovy Record Store Day

Independent record stores all over the world will have special sales events on Saturday.

If you still buy music in a physical format, Record Store Day is for you. Stores stock special releases and have sales on LPs and CDs, so if you're lucky enough to live near a record shop, drop by on Saturday and see what's up. Check the RSD Web site to find participating stores, and touch some (physical) music.

Bruce Lee Gallanter at Downtown Music Gallery Steve Guttenberg/CNET

Here in NYC, two of my favorite shops, Downtown Music Gallery and In Living Stereo, are pulling out all the stops. Downtown's Bruce Lee Gallanter and Manny Maris are two of the guys I count on for their deep knowledge of music. DMG specializes in hard to find jazz, progressive, and all types of avant garde music, but they also host weekly live performances. It's a very special place. Even if you don't live nearby, check out their Web site. DMG is having a 20 percent off sale on Saturday and Sunday.

In Living Stereo is a hi-fi shop and vinyl-only record store. Starting around noon they'll have live DJs spinning records, and live bands later in the day. ILS will stock a huge selection of special Record Store Day releases.

If you've attended any previous Record Store Day events, share your experiences in the Comments section.