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Amazon leaks Zune HD prices

Product listings on have possibly revealed the retail pricing for Microsoft's upcoming Zune HD portable media players. product page image.
An Amazon product listing may reveal the retail pricing of the 16GB and 32GB Zune HD. Amazon

Update: The Zune HD is now officially available for ordering.

Microsoft's secrecy around its upcoming Zune HD portable media player is being betrayed left and right these days. Yesterday, we found images and details on the Zune HD's storage capacity leaked by the FCC, and now we have Amazon showing off retail pricing.

An Amazon product listing prices the 16GB Zune HD at $219, and the 32GB model at $289. Unfortunately, you'll get a 404 error if you try clicking through from the listing to the actual product page, which dashes any hope of preordering.

Compared against similar products, such as the iPod Touch and Sony X-Series Walkman, the pricing shown on Amazon is very attractive. In particular, the 32GB model is priced $110 less than the current generation of the iPod Touch and Sony X-Series. It's still not quite the bargain of the Cowon S9, but the Zune HD's 720p video output, HD radio, and Web browser, make it a very different product than Cowon's.

Of course, it's unlikely that Microsoft will be the only one releasing a new touch-screen portable media player this fall. Apple's ritual September iPod announcements could include price drops to match or surpass the Zune HD, or perhaps include the mythical 64GB Flash memory player everyone's so convinced they need. The annual iPod vs. Zune wars are just warming up, folks. At least this time around it's looking like a fair fight.

Note: Tune in to CNET Live today, Tuesday, August 11, at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET to watch a live episode of CNET's MP3 Insider podcast, with special guest Brian Seitz from Microsoft's Zune team and Zune Insider blog. He'll be bringing along a Zune HD and taking a few questions from the CNET Live chat room.

(Via PC World)