CES 2019: Every weird product we saw at the show

It wouldn't be CES without a handful of weird and possibly off-putting tech. CES 2019 continues that tradition.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Now it wouldn't be CES 2019 without an assortment of weird, off-the-beaten-path tech that, at first glance, might look a little silly or wacky -- or possibly disturbing? Hmm, well, maybe just off-putting. And CES 2019 may have the largest collection of weird stuff we've ever seen. And if not the largest, then at least the weirdest. 

Some of these weirds and wackies include a device that blow dries your dog, a toothbrush that allows you to brush your entire mouth in 10 seconds and a diaper that detects when your kid has pooped

If weird is too weird for you, here are all the noteworthy CES products, we also chose the top 10 CES 2019 products and the best headphones.

Click on the gallery above to start your journey of the weird. 

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