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At CES 2019, a $660 sauna will give your dog the blow dry of his life

When towels are not enough, there's always a pet dryer.

Pepe is a dryer for your dogs and cats.
Patrick Holland/CNET

No one likes a wet dog. Drying them with a towel isn't always enough and the noise from a hair dryer can be traumatizing. But nestled in the back of Eureka Park at CES 2019, the Korean company Pepe (person plus pet equals Pepe) has an interesting solution: a pet dryer.

Larger than a mini-fridge, the Pepe pet dryer can dry a small dog in about 25 minutes. To use it, put your drenched pet inside the dryer, close the door and set the temperature. Warm air circulates around slowly drying your furry companion. A representative from Pepe says that dogs usually sleep during the process.

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When I saw the Pepe pet dryer in-person, it seemed more like a heated dog crate with a fan than what most people would consider a dryer. That's not a bad a thing.

The Pepe pet dryer works with dogs and cats. I'm curious what a cat would think of the dryer. On one hand, cats rarely get wet enough to need such a drying. But on the other, cats tend to like warm and cozy spaces.

The Pepe pet dryer costs $660 but it's not yet available in the US. Currently you can buy it in Korea, China and Singapore.

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