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Apple's Mac Pro costs more than $50,000 if you get all the upgrades

That doesn't include software or a display.

Apple's new Mac Pro starts at $5,999.
James Martin/CNET

Apple's new Mac Pro is available to order Tuesday. Though the price of the entry-level configuration is $5,999, if you go with all the many upgrades, the powerhouse computer tops out at more than $50,000 -- and that doesn't include software or a display.

The beastly Mac Pro, along with its $5,000 6K Pro Display XDR monitor "accessory," stole the show during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June. The new Mac Pro represents the first major upgrade of the device since 2013 and is Apple's attempt to win back creative professionals who've fled to more powerful Windows machines.

Some of the pricey Mac Pro upgrades include $7,000 for a 2.5GHz 28‑core Intel Xeon W processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz; $25,000 for 1.5TB (12x128GB) of DDR4 ECC memory; and $400 if you want wheels on the tower. When we configured the Mac Pro on Apple's website with all the available upgrades, not including software or a display, we topped out at $52,748. 

Just for reference, that's more than the single-motor model of Tesla's new Cybertruck, which starts at $39,900, as well as plenty of other cars

While a fully loaded Mac Pro comes at an eye-popping price, it's designed for the professional market, not individual consumers. The Mac Pro features Intel's pro-level Xeon processors, which aren't something you'd find in a standard desktop or laptop. And that pricey memory upgrade? It's massively more than you'd find in a consumer devices. Apple's MacBook Air, for example, comes with 8GB of memory by default. 

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Originally published Dec. 10, 9:41 a.m. PT.
Update, 10:57 a.m.: Adds more background on Apple Mac Pro.