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Tesla Cybertruck's more powerful versions get production priority

The electric carmaker has updated the production schedule on its preorder site.

Tesla Cybertruck promo
The baddest Cybertrucks will come first.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla CEO Elon Musk most recently suggested the electric carmaker has already received at least 250,000 preorders for the Tesla Cybertruck, but the firm has done a bit of a switch-a-roo when it comes to production priority.

According to Tesla's preorder site for the Cybertruck, the more powerful models will now take priority when production is scheduled to start. Recall, Tesla originally said the least expensive models with the Single Motor option would go into production first in late 2021, followed by the Dual-Motor Cybertruck also in late 2021. The biggest, baddest planned Cybertruck, the Tri-Motor, was scheduled for late 2022.

Now, the preorder site says the Tri-Motor Cybertruck model will begin production in late 2021 and the cheapest of the electric pickups has been bumped to late 2022. This seems like a pretty typical move, to launch the trucks with the highest chance of profitability first.

The Cybertruck with three electric motors will start at $69,900, while the electric pickup with dual motors will start at $49,900. The single-motor model will open at $39,900 and be rear-wheel drive only. Previously, Musk tweeted a breakdown of preorders when the total neared 150,000 and the vast majority of potentially buyers chose the dual- and tri-motor models. It could be a move to meet future demand, but it's far more likely it has to do with cost, profits and other financial numbers.

The Cybertruck Tri-Motor also packs some pretty big specs. Tesla claims it'll go 500 miles on a single charge and tow 14,000 pounds. It'll be interesting to see how this pickup comes along as it heads toward production, and if Tesla will fulfill the range promise. Not to mention, Model Y production will start in the near future, Tesla has a new Roadster to build and a Semi.

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