There are plenty of car manufacturers talking the electric car talk, but Vauxhall's one of very few actually walking it. The company's already put its EV money where its mouth is with the range-extended Ampera, and it's now considering a step into the world of fully electric vehicles with a new concept.

Vauxhall hasn't yet announced the name of the vehicle, but we're willing to bet it's something suitably awesome, given the fact it looks like something a superhero might drive. Right now, our money's on 'Vauxhall Energizer', 'Drive-o-Tron 8000' or 'Batsnake Eco Jitney'.

Very little is known about the car, but we can tell you it'll seat two passengers -- one in the main driver's seat and another sat behind the driver, pillion-style. An onboard battery of unknown capacity will provide a range of 60 miles and its electric motor is said to be powerful enough for a top speed of 75mph.

That all sounds pretty good to us, although the design of the thing raises concerns. Mainly, its track (the distance between wheels on the same axle) seems remarkably narrow. We worry whether this would make it susceptible to being blown over in strong winds or rolling in sharp turns, though on the flipside, its narrowness means it's probably quite aerodynamically efficient.

As far-fetched as this concept may seem, Vauxhall says it has "production potential". The company claims it could "revolutionise urban transport, especially for younger drivers and those on a very tight budget".

We can't say we're convinced by that last bit, seeing as electric cars are so bleedin' expensive, but we'll give Vauxhall the benefit of the doubt. Have a look through the gallery above to see the Batsnake Eco Jitney in more detail and keep it locked to Crave for more info when we go hands-on with it at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

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