The Lotus Elise's shape has evolved since 1996.
Its handling remains some of the best on the road.
Here we see a new Elise up against the older S2.
The Elise is pretty tiny.
Which means there's not too much room inside for people.
Its boot is pretty small, too. So don't try taking too much stuff with you.
However, it is really good fun to drive.
And the Elise S' 1.8-litre supercharged engine is pretty awesome.
It provides instant torque that flings you up the road at a moment's notice.
Its 0-62 mph time is a shade over 4 seconds...
...and its top speed is 145 mph.
The gearshift is also silky smooth...
...twin that with Lotus' incredible steering and you end up with one hell of an experience.
It may not be the biggest car out there, but it's certainly one of the most fun.
Though the naturally aspirated engines are awesome, bolting a supercharger onboard makes the Elise a far smoother proposition.
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