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Subaru takes a conceptual look at its longest running model

In celebration of the Legacy sedan's 25th anniversary, Subaru presents a preview of things to come: the 2015 Legacy Concept.

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2015 Subaru Legacy Concept

LOS ANGELES -- The 2015 Impreza WRX may have been the star of the show at Subaru's presentation at the 2013 LA Auto Show, but the automaker also showed off its vision for the future of its longest running nameplate with the 2015 Subaru Legacy concept.
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Future facia

The concept takes the cues and elements that debuted in many of its recent concepts (such as the eagle-eyed headlamps) and production models (the hexagonal grill), and refines them into a singular design.
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All-wheel drive

Like every Subaru that's not the BRZ, the Legacy concept features Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, putting power to the ground through all four wheels.
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Stability, safety, confidence

Subaru says that its all-wheel drive system affords the driver stability. Stability breeds safety, and that safety gives the driver the confidence to enjoy the performance. The 21-inch wheels and flared fender arches are supposed to emphasize this underlying sportiness.
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LED indicators

This being a concept, Subaru is able to make design compromises that would never see public roads, such as these narrow, squinty side mirrors, though I would like to see these sequential LED turn indicators on a production car.
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Dashboard tech

Subaru's dashboard tech leaves plenty of room for improvement, so we'd like to see this large touchscreen infotainment system in a future Legacy model. Anything would be better than the dated systems the automaker has previously offered.
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Engine option

Subaru makes no mention of what's under the Legacy concept's hood or what we should expect to power the next generation of the sedan.
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What transmission?

There are also no transmission specs listed. I only see two pedals, so I'm assuming that Subaru's new CVT will be continuously adjusting the drive ratios.
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See you next year?

We could be seeing the next Legacy as early as next year, if the 2015 model year that prefixes the name is any indicator. Stay tuned.

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