Light meet tunnel

A hybrid Liberty would be nice. A crisply clothed one, like this concept car, would be even better.

We're not huge fans of the way the current Liberty looks, but this Advanced Tourer concept car gives us hope that the next generation will be more pleasing on the eyes.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Going the distance?

Underneath its sharp metal suit there lies a hybrid drivetrain.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Watch moiye

The doors swing open dramatically to reveal a sparse cabin. A monitor in the steering wheel allows the driver to view maps, surf the net and watch TV — the latter two, hopefully, only when stationary.

Photo by: Subaru

Boxing Subaru

Under the bonnet is a new 1.6-litre turbocharged boxer engine; power and torque unknown.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Hybrid yes, details no

An electric motor, a Lithium-ion battery pack, four-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission make up the rest of the drivetrain package.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

The cars have eyes

If you look closely at the top of the windscreen, there are two cameras for (we suspect) Subaru's Eyesight object avoidance system.

Derek Fung travelled to the Tokyo Motor Show as a guest of Toyota.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia
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