'Pretty Woman'

So, how is this for an implausible movie plot: Boy is lost. Girl charges boy for directions. Boy agrees. Boy grinds gears in 1989 Lotus Esprit SE. Girl falls in love with him anyway.

Yeah, that's what we thought, too. Still, with the star of "Pretty Woman," Julia Roberts, behind the wheel, the Lotus screams through the gears and, "corners like it's on rails."

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The 1912 Renault featured in "Titanic" is the only car in our list that actually saw a little bit of action. The ill-fated Jack and Rose sneak down to the cargo hold for a little nooky-nooky, and get the Renault all steamy in an unforgettable scene.

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'50 First Dates'

Take a gal with short-term memory loss and a guy who's determined to woo her and you get "50 First Dates," the 2004 romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Air-cooled fans freaked at the sight of Lucy's 1973 Volkswagen Thing. Manufactured in Mexico and imported to the states for only two years, Things are now highly collectible, fetching prices of close to $20,000.

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'Better Off Dead'

In "Better Off Dead," Lane Myer is dumped by shallow Beth who wants to date "...somebody more popular. Better looking. Drives a nicer car." Enter Monique, a pretty French gal who also knows a thing or two about muscle cars. Together they fix Lane's bitchin' 1967 Camaro RS/SS 350, and it's ready to win one of the funniest drag races in cinema.

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'Harold and Maude'

It's been said the car makes the man, but in the case of titular character Harold, this Jaguar E-Type (a gift from his mother) isn't quite as appealing to him as his dearly departed hearse. So, he converts it, then wrecks it in what, for us, is the darkest scene in this rather dark comedy.

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'When Harry Met Sally'

Let's face it. Harry and Sally fell in love in the first car ride together. Who knew a 1976 Toyota Corona Station Wagon could be so romantic? The Corona generated less than 100 horsepower, so presumably the two characters of "When Harry Met Sally" had a lot of time to get to know each other on their initial cross-country trek.

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'The Love Bug'

The 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie took American by storm in 1968 as "The Love Bug." More of a "man-loves-car" movie than a "man-loves-woman," we're including it here because Herbie is just so darn cool.#53 went on to star in "Herbie Rides Again," "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo," "Herbie Goes Bananas" and the unfortunate "Herbie: Fully Loaded."

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'True Romance'

You don't see too many Porsche 911 Flachbau Cabriolet on the roads these days, but for Tarantino's incredibly dark "True Romance," the flatnose drop-top is the perfect car for Hollywood producer Lee Donowitz to make his first appearance.

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Danny didn't ever take Sandy out on a date in the 1948 Ford De Luxe, christened Greased Lightning. Instead, the car was an integral part of the bromance between Danny and Kenickie in the 1978 film "Grease," as they struggle to best the leader of the rival Scorpion gang in his 1949 Mercury Custom, nicknamed Hell's Chariot.

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'Pretty in Pink'

When you're a gal from the wrong side of the tracks with a flair for funky style, you naturally drive a pink 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, like Andie, the heroine in the 1986 John Hughes flick, "Pretty in Pink." While we won't get into which guy Andie should have picked (Team Duckie!) we will say this little air-cooled rattle trap was perfectly cast.

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