New adventures

Renault's latest concept car might be trying to capture a vague emotion, but it also sports a rope-based interior and an augmented reality display.

A follow up to the DeZir concept car that's meant to encapsulate the essence of falling in love, Renault's latest flight of automotive fancy captures, in the company's words, "passion present at the beginning of any new adventure".

Oh, and it's got butterfly wing doors.

Photo by: Renault

When I see your face

While the Captur doesn't seem likely for production, some of its styling cues — such as the front-end design — will be heading to real live Renaults soon.

Photo by: Renault

Of cars and rope, part I

The Captur's dashboard, centre console and doors are made from translucent plastic that allows for mesmerising light "ropes" to be placed underneath.

Photo by: Renault

Of cars and rope, part II

Both the seats and cargo bay consist primarily of high-tech fibre ropes. In the boot the ropes are configurable, allowing the shape of the space to be changed and for items to be secured. They'll also support the weight of a human body, so the boot can be used as a hammock.

The ropes seen on the boot wall in this photo can be pulled across to form a seat back, transforming the Captur into a four-seat hatchback.

Photo by: Renault

Less than meets the eye

Despite its off-road looks, the Captur is two-wheel drive only. It is powered by a 118kW twin-turbo 1.6-litre diesel engine that's mated to a dual-clutch transmission.

Photo by: Renault


The silver slit above the windscreen hides a forward-facing camera. Imagery from this camera is fed into an augmented reality display in the centre of dashboard.

Photo by: Renault
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