Cabin tech includes a new and optional ultra high-end surround sound system from renowned Berlin audio manufacturer Burmester, with 16 speakers plus a subwoofer and over 1,000 watts of combined power.
Photo by: Porsche AG

Rear-seat entertainment

Rear-seat entertainment comes in the form of these seatback-mounted monitors. We like these because they give passengers a better view of the screens without interfering with the driver's view.
Photo by: Porsche AG

GPS navigation

It appears that Porsche's GPS navigation is also getting an interface upgrade.
Photo by: Porsche AG

Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe

Porsche's PDK double-clutch transmission is standard on the Panamera.
Photo by: Porsche AG


Say what you will about the polarizing exterior aesthetic. This interior looks downright spacious and comfortable. Porsche is offering 13 different color and material combinations for the Panamera.
Photo by: Porsche AG

Cockpit for four

Porsche calls the Panamera's cabin a "cockpit for four." With four sport bucket seats, we can see why.
Photo by: Porsche AG
Spec a Panamera S or 4S and you get eight-way power seats in front with a driver memory package. Buyers with monty to burn can further choose optional 18-way Adaptive Sport Seats (which we assume feature some sort of active bolstering, like the Mercedes-Benz CL 550 tested earlier).
Photo by: Porsche AG

Power adjust steering

For the Porsche Panamera Turbo, the steering wheel is power adjustable with memory.
Photo by: Porsche AG

Rear seats

The rear seats are separated and individually adjustable. Spec the optional 8-way power rear seats and they'll all but adjust themselves!
Photo by: Porsche AG

Four-zone climate control

An available four-zone climate control system gives each seating area individual control of functions such as temperature, air distribution, and venting direction. Too much? Nah, this is Porsche!
Photo by: Porsche AG
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