Volvo S60 concept

Volvo showed off ideas for the next generation of its S60 sedan in the form of this S60 concept, featuring standard concept car touches like a pillar-less roof, outlandish interior, LED headlights, and a grille shutter to make the car more aerodynamic when the engine doesn't need as much cooling.
Photo by: Volvo

Low CO2

To comport with new European regulations, the S60 concept is designed for low CO2 emissions, coming in at 119 grams per kilometer. That low number thanks to a new 1.6-liter turbocharged direct-injection four cylinder engine. Electric power steering also helps reduce gas usage and CO2 emissions. The car also has start/stop, to switch on the engine during traffic stops.

Long boat lights

According to Volvo, the LED headlight structures, within the lenses, are designed to look like Viking long boats with full sails. We don't really see it in the picture, but if Volvo takes this idea beyond the concept stage, better hide the livestock.
Photo by: Henrik Ottosson

Pedestrian warning

Safety has long been a Volvo hallmark, and the S60 concept incorporates new electronic systems along this theme. This picture shows the pedestrian warning in action, where the car detects a person in its path and alerts the driver. If the driver doesn't react, the car hits the brakes, either avoiding a hit or mitigating the damage.
Photo by: Henrik Ottosson

Center stack

The center stack controls are concept car unique, with a Powershift lever that works a double-clutch gearbox. (No, we can't figure out how it works form the picture, either.) A touch panel gives access to car infotainment functions, such as navigation, audio, and telephone.
Photo by: Henrik Ottosson

Orrefors crystal

For a really wild element, Volvo makes the center stack out of something called Orrefors crystal, which extends along the top of the console to the rear seats. We're sure it's very nice, but can't imagine finding it in a production car.
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