To celebrate its 25-year association with the town's eponymous Film Festival, Renault took the wraps off its new Laguna coupe at Cannes on the French Riviera.

Despite the fact that it has yet to go on sale here, the third-generation Renault Laguna has spawned — for the first time — a coupe variant. The 3G Laguna hatch hits Aussie roads in June 2008.

Four-wheel steering, remember that?
If you remember the late '80s and early '90s, car makers (particularly the Japanese) were spruiking the benefits of four-wheel steering. At low speeds, the rear wheels steer in an opposite direction to the front wheels to reduce the turning circle and make parking easier; at high speeds, however, the rear wheels steer in concert with the front to increase stability.

In Europe the Laguna coupe, as well as some hatch and wagon models, will be offered with four-wheel steering.

Biggish six
Two V6 engines make their debut in the Laguna coupe, a 173kW/450Nm turbo diesel and a 175kW/330Nm 3.5-litre petrol.

Internal affairs
The interior seems to be a straight lift from hatch and wagon versions of the Laguna, but that's no bad thing as it was crowned 2007's Most Beautiful Interior by the 23rd Annual International Automotive Festival of Paris.

Laguna Coupe Concept
The ready-for-sale coupe that showed up at this year's Cannes Film Festival is almost identical to the concept car that made its debut at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. The changes may seem slight — a different front, upright doors, an additional "pillar" to hold up the roof behind the front doors, and more functional door handles and wing mirrors — but they rob the car of its svelte style.

Renault Fluence
The Laguna coupe also draws many stylistic cues from the drop-dead sexy 2004 Renault Fluence concept car.

Renault Laguna hatch
Although its shape suggests that it's a sedan, it's actually a hatch. The new generation hatch is due to go on sale here in June.

Renault Laguna wagon
According to the 23rd Annual International Automotive Festival of Paris the new Laguna wagon is 2007's Most Beautiful Car; it's slated to go on sale here later this year.

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