Honda Insight (concept)

Honda unveiled the Insight concept at the 2008 Paris Motor show. The bigger, more Prius-like Insight aims to undercut the Toyota hybrid with a much lower MSRP. Recently, production photos of the Insight have been revealed. So, how much will the Insight change before hitting showroom floors?
Photo by: Honda

Honda Insight (production)

Scheduled to bow at the 2009 Detroit auto show in January, the 2010 Insight maintains the theme established by the concept but reels back the details for a more production-friendly package. For example, the door handles have been replaced with units that actually work, the wheels have been shrunk to a more MSRP-friendly 15-inches, and the sheet metal creases are more subtle.
Photo by: Honda

Air dam comparison

The Insight's chin flattens out for production, replacing the corner kickdowns with subtle plastic diffusers on the undertray. The lower grill openings have been shrunken and made less aggressive, while the bumper housing has been color matched to the body and enlarged to accommodate the safety equipment.
Photo by: Honda

Headlamp comparison

The concept's crazy LED array headlamps have been replaced with what look like parts bin Honda Civic units with a more standard reflector/projector configuration. Out back the clear tail lamps have also been replaced by red tinted units.
Photo by: Honda

Side mirrors

Side mirrors that are practical for looking through replace the concepts pencil thin units. Integrated turn signals help boost the production version's safety.
Photo by: Honda
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