Ford has revealed pictures and information about its FG01 V8 Supercar prototype ahead of its public debut at the Sandown 400 race this weekend.

New shell, old bits
The FG01 race car prototype is an amalgam of the current FG Falcon XR8 body and as many of the bits from BF V8 Supercar as humanly possible. This was primarily to keep costs down.

New shell, old bits
Key engineering changes with the FG01 include a driver's seat which is set further in-board, for safety reasons, and body panels which are easier and cheaper to replace.

Nitro blue
The FG01 prototype was a collaboration of the three major Ford racing teams (Ford Performance Racing, Triple 8 and Stone Brothers), so it features a unique "Nitro blue" livery. It will be driven around the Sandown track by Craig Lowndes.

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