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Photos: 2007 Honda CR-V

With its stylish exterior and interior design and a wealth of useful tech features, the 2007 Honda CR-V is a positive evolution for the popular urban SUV. If you're into digital audio, just make sure you bring your iPod.

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Honda has revamped its popular CR-V for the 2007 model year. Gone are the boxy lines and the barn door, replaced by a curvy crossover SUV with carlike dynamics, plenty of storage space, and some impressive onboard tech features.
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With the second-row seats folded forward, the 2007 CR-V has a cargo capacity of 73 cubic feet.
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More than enough space for eight friendly dogs.
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The audio system in the 2007 Honda CR-V is spread out between the head-unit stack--where a single can be inserted behind the roll-down LCD screen--and the central console between the driver and rear passenger--where a six-disc cartridge is buried. To load CDs into the cartridge requires holding open a spring-loaded cover, pressing the Eject button, physically removing the cartridge, slotting CDs into the individual trays, and replacing the cartridge. Not exactly state-of-the-art.
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When playing MP3 and WMA discs, the CR-V's screen shows full information for folder, album, and artist. A nice feature when playing digital audio is the CR-V's Track List button, which provides a list of all the tracks on a particular disc by name. With a large number of files on an audio disc, the Track List function can take a minute or so to index them all, but once it has digested all the information, it provides a very useful dashboard for navigating a media library.
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Those wishing to play 21st century music formats have to roll down the navigation screen using the Open button on the faceplate (as this happens, the screen displays a reminder that, despite appearances, this is not a drinks tray). With the screen down, drivers are greeted with a single MP3- and WMA-friendly disc slot, and a slot for a digital audio card reader, which can be used to play MP3 and WMA files from Compact Flash and similar media via a PC card adapter.
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In the front, the CR-V has three main storage areas: one small glove box, a larger one beneath, and a cavernous central console.
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Most engine-related details, including fuel level, gas mileage, engine temperature, and average fuel economy, can be seen at a glance via an intuitive white-on-black digital display nestled between the speedometer and the tachometer.
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The center console houses the CR-V's auxiliary input jack for playback of audio from portable music players like iPods.
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The CR-V comes with drive-by-wire throttle controls and Grade Logic Control, which is designed to adjust the shift points of the five-speed automatic transmission according to whether the car is on flat ground or going up or down hills.
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The cabin of the CR-V is stylishly appointed for an under-$30K crossover SUV. The EX-L boasts leather (and heated front) seats, aesthetically-pleasing cabin materials, and a stylish red-and-blue trimmed, electroluminescent instrument panel.
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The standard 270-watt six-speaker audio system on the 2007 Honda CR-V is pretty, well, standard in its quality of acoustic output. While it does have the admirable feature of a programmable subwoofer, output is muddy with little midrange refinement.
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Honda's fabled voice-command system works as well as ever in the 2007 CR-V: It can be programmed without moving anything other than the larynx and the left thumb, which is used to depress the Talk button on the bottom of the steering wheel.
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The 2007 Honda CR-V comes with one engine choice in the form of a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder plant, making 166 horsepower. Like most new models in Honda's lineup, the CR-V features the iVTEC variable valve timing, which serves to adjust valve timing according to engine demand.
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The 2007 Honda CR-V is an efficient, well-proportioned crossover SUV that combines some useful tech features and plenty of usable cargo space.

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