Peugeot's been working on a sexy new hybrid called -- wait for it -- the SxC. See what the company did there? Sexy? SxC? No? Never mind.

Unusually for a hybrid car, the SxC is flippin' enormous. It measures a whopping 4.8m long and is just over 2m wide, meaning its footprint is larger than that of a Hummer H3. Peugeot doesn't appear to have used this girth wisely, though -- the SxC has just four seats, meaning it's about as practical as Speedos in a blizzard. Where's the dog supposed to go?

Beneath the SxC's ridiculously large shell, Peugeot's installed its new Hybrid4 propulsion system. Unlike the diesel-based Hybrid4 system in the Peugeot 3008, this version uses a 1.6-litre turbo-high-pressure petrol engine to drive the front wheels, and a 95bhp electric motor to drive the rear wheels. Together, they deliver a pretty respectable 313bhp.

Sadly, the SxC's outrageous dimensions mean its fuel economy isn't particularly impressive in comparison to that of, say, a Toyota Prius. The vehicle returns 48.7mpg on the combined cycle and spits out 143g of carbon dioxide per kilometre. Still, that's not bad, given its size. The marginally smaller Lexus RX450h, for example, achieves 44.8mpg and vomits up 148g/km of CO2.

Peugeot reckons the SxC will offer a not-too-shabby driving experience. When the electric motor and petrol engine are running simultaneously, it permits all-wheel-drive motoring, which should aid grip in slippery conditions. It also offers a 'zero emissions' electric-only mode, although the company hasn't confirmed how far the SxC can run on battery power alone.

As if all that weren't enough, the SxC has wing mirrors with rear-facing cameras, fully digitised cockpit instruments, and separate information and entertainment displays for the driver and front passenger. The passenger's displays are housed in the side of their door.

There's no word on whether the SxC will make it to real-world showrooms, but here's hoping Peugeot will shrink it down slightly, boost its fuel economy and slap on a decent price tag. Have a gander through our photo gallery above to get a closer look.  

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