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Nissan Resonance concept debuts V-Motion design (pictures)

Get an early, conceptual look at the future of Nissan's Murano crossover at the 2013 Detroit auto show.

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Nissan Resonance concept debuts V-Motion design

DETROIT--Nissan's latest small crossover concept, the Resonance, debuts at the 2013 North American International Auto Show with a new design language that makes use of a mix of new elements and elements carried over from previous designs. Called V-Motion, the design features a thick chrome bar that dips deeply into the bumper from above the headlamps. The rest of the front character lines follow suit.
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2.5-liter hybrid

The large Nissan seems to float in the center of the faux-grille opening, which is covered by clear glass or plastic. The actual grille is in the black space beneath the chrome V-shaped bar. Behind the grille is a 2.5-liter version of Nissan's hybrid gasoline-electric power train.
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All-wheel drive

Nearly all of the vehicle's character lines flowing back toward the rear of the car originate from the lower area of the front bumper, giving the Resonance the appearance of motion. Power also flows from the front to the rear of the vehicle by way of a four-wheel drive system and Nissan's continuously variable transmission.
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Boomerang headlamps

Boomerang-shaped headlamps are a carry-over feature that is almost a hallmark of Nissan design. LED lighting elements allow the Resonance's headlamps to be more dramatically shaped than ever. Meanwhile, regenerative brakes in the 22-inch wheels feed braking power back into the laminated lithium ion battery pack.
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The next Nissan Murano

Early guesses pointed to the Resonance previewing the next Murano and the published dimensions seem to confirm that. (The Resonance is actually larger than the Murano in every dimension.) However, in photos, the vehicle prints much smaller, looking a lot like the next Rogue. The design could work for either vehicle.
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Floating roof

Around back, glossy black elements of the D-pillar blend with the dark, tinted windows to give the effect of a floating roof.
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Rearward visibility

It's good to see ample rear glass here on the Resonance concept. Modern cars and crossovers often have such poor rearward visibility. That said, the production vehicle that the Resonance spawns will most definitely offer a rearview camera and Nissan's Around-View camera options.
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LED taillamps

The boomerang taillamps echo the lights on the front of the vehicle and also make use of LED illumination.
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Interior design

Inside, the concept features a highly stylized interior to match the exterior. Floating pods make up the door panels and dashboard.
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Floating dashboard

The instrumentation and infotainment systems use multiple layers of clear material to form a hologram-style interface that would only really work practically in a concept car on a car show turntable.
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Party of five

The Resonance's seats look cool, but not comfortable. Five people can fit in its front buckets and rear bench seats.

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